3D Capturing - Projector Scanning


The Goal

  • To capture the range image of a static object using two cameras and a projector.
  • Laser-scanner is not needed.


  • Calibrate the stereo camera pair.

  • The Projector & the Object

  • Capture the image frames as what a laser-scanner do.
  • Establish the correspondence and computer the range image & display it.

    The puda represented by point-could. [puda.dat.zip] ( in a simple {x,y,z} format )


Pros. This straight-forward 3D reconstruction task can be used to test the applicability of a 3D calibration/reconstruction system. The projector produce light beam for establishing the coresspondence as what a laser-scanner do. The result is accurate and reliable.

Cons. Lots of frames needed. In this experiment, the 5Hz camera-pair make the system took about 50 seconds with more than 300 frames for scanning the whole puda. Thus, static object only.

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