The 2nd Place team-project in Microsoft Imagine Cup'2003, China Final Contest

What is eBand.NET

  • A multi-user Intenet community for people to compose music together.

A Video Demo - eBandDemo.MOV (8.9M)
  • It supports humming to music, whistling to music, and painting to music.
    The first two applied the Fourier transformation for wave to midi.

  • User Experience. One knocks a table with a pen, and eBand transforms the sound into a type of chosen drum; another user hums to the microphone, and eBand changes it to a piece of violin melody; the third user paints the music and it is assigned piano sound; finally, the system merges together the melodies composed by different users, constituting a virtual band music.

Example Music Works

Click to hear excellent music created by people using eBand.NET.

Music Name
dangerous sc

Humming: Seashore, Fan. Painting: TarkoDrum

great music dh_98, zjj Painting: Music Box, SynthDrum
fast piano zjj Painting: PianoGrd, NewAge
the first seven knox, adrewwang, woow Humming: ElectricPian. Painting: SynthDrum,
the song of the seven children zjj, dhdh Whistling: VoiceSyn

The Honors

eBand.NET is a six-member team-project. It won us the 2nd Place in Microsoft Imagine-Cup'2003 China Final Contest with a visit to Imagine-Cup'2004 World Final in Brazil.

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